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We’ve categorised micronational directories and listings by language, but have a separate category for MMORPG-style simulations because of their nature.

We do not list individual nations… but if you come across a directory that we should list, please let us know in the comments below.

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MMORPG-style Simulations

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5 thoughts on “Find a Micronation”

  1. we noticed a micronation on your list is missing:
    go to

  2. I have a micronation called the Talican Republic. Here is the link:

  3. La Comunidad Libre de Rekojz , ,está abierta a todos los visitantes.
    The Free Community of Rekojz at is open to all new visitors

  4. The kingdom of gallanova at is open to all new visitors and elections are taking place soon so you could easily become chancellor second only to the king and then God.

  5. You should add to this list as well; it’s more used than MicroWikia (having moved from it back in 2011).

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