Find Institutes and Organisations

This page lists a handful of surviving institutes and organisations. The institutes are mainly concerned with the researching, studying or preservation of micronations and micronationalism, while the organisations are intergovernmental bodies that are mostly (but not completely) defunct.

See also: Intermicronational Organizations (MicroWiki)

Institutes & Organisations

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6 thoughts on “Find Institutes and Organisations”

  1. Micronations News Network said:

    Of course, the only limit is your imagination and if people will find it useful.

  2. Can everyone set up a organsition?

  3. Gone. 🙂

  4. The University of A1 no longer exists. Thanks 🙂

  5. Et voila.

  6. gishabrun said:

    Would you please add the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM)? It has a website here:

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