Find Maps, Flags and Ephemera

Most micronations have their own maps and flags, and organisations have been founded to create and record them. Ephemera consists of miscellaneous national items such as banknotes, coins, stamps, medals and awards.

We’ve listed the best below. If you think we should add something, please comment.

Ephemera, Flags and Maps

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2 thoughts on “Find Maps, Flags and Ephemera”

  1. Thanks!

  2. Hello MNN! I do rarely try to advertise, because advertising generates additional work, but I would like to inform you about my stamp printing service, catering both to micronations (having printed stamps for many quite well known ones) and other customers like artists etc., which you can find under . It would make sense to put it into the list under ephemera, similar to the well known coin production service JFV Coins.
    Best wishes,
    Juergen Schwarz

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