Find Discussion: Chatrooms, Forums and Groups

Chatrooms are live discussion channels accessible via special webpages or direct client software.

Forums are pages of highly-categorised topics, used as the principal means of communication. Groups are paged lists of topics, but are usually operated by e-mail between members.

We’ve listed the best below. If you think we should add one, please comment.

Discussion: Chatrooms, Forums and Groups

  • Chatrooms
    • #micronations (also available via any IRC client at server:, port: 6667, channel: #micronations)

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3 thoughts on “Find Discussion: Chatrooms, Forums and Groups”

  1. Looks good. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. The micronational subreddit ( is a news aggregator and community that has recently been created.

  3. I think that the MicroWiki Forum ( and the OAM Forum ( would be useful additions to this list.

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