How Micronations Work


Most micronations are unrecognised by the world’s states, nation-states and intergovernment organisations, and thus operate as simulations, irrespective as to what their individual origins, themes and goals might be.


Some claim real territory (occasionally with a stated intention of secession or as a rival claim to an existing one), but most either operate in parallel with existing nation-states or create their own virtual worlds for that purpose, the latter that has been facilitated greatly by the internet and the world-wide-web, where most will have a website and message board where day-to-day business is conducted.


Many micronations interact with each other with recognisable diplomatic systems, and sometimes further with simulations of economic systems or wargames. Most function as a form of political club or society with features of social network, while there are more self-contained simulations which either use existing or have created their own MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) as their own worlds.


Most micronations have their own cultures and themes, either based on those of current or historical nations, or of their own invention.


Where independent and individual micronation do interact with each other, they usual do so in separate loose groups defined by primarily by languages. To make it easier to find micronations, we’ve found directories and listings and broadly categorised them by languages, but have kept simulation “games” separate due to their nature.

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